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Welcome to the Future Stars Series. This series is unlike any of its kind. It will be new to you, and that's a good thing. There are many different showcase, tournament, and travel team options in amateur baseball today. So many, in fact, that it's become confusing. Most families and players are looking to be around the best players. They look for the teachers with the highest credentials who can help them develop into the players they ultimately want to be. When it's time for exposure, they can see the rewards of that time spent in the form of a college scholarship or a professional contract.

Official Global Player Identification and Development Series of New Balance Baseball. It is New Balance's Grassroots Outreach to help players achieve. All events include true Major League scouting evaluations and development feedback, Blast Motion swing sensor data, and Flightscope analytic data. Data and reports are made available to each player through a stored profile on the Program15 database. 

This series is about restoring player development within the game of baseball for those that want answers, quieting the noise that exists today, and creating a clear path and separation for those who truly want to achieve greatness. This series is about reaching players across all economic lines to ensure that those who love this game have the opportunity and guidance to lead, develop, and be the stars of tomorrow. To do this, we must start with the building blocks of a player at a young age. Eligibility for this series begins at 10 years old. 

This series has drawn the support of professional scouts and executives, colleges and universities across the country, and player development personnel who remain invested in a player's long-term success. We will provide a true scouting and player development process that will build your dreams into reality. We will teach you how to create your value as a player. With that value comes exposure through national media and our staff who are connected to collegiate baseball and Major League Baseball. What plays at the highest level plays at all levels, and this is your road map and system to learn exactly what that means and how to sustain it. 

The Future Stars Series will hold 12 camps and development sessions this fall for high-school-aged players. Next spring, we will do the same across the country for players 10-14. Each player attending an event will have an opportunity to be selected for the national trials, which will lead to selection for a national team to play in an international world series in Houston, TX next summer. Players will also receive a full scouting report from scouts that have signed major league players and major league developmental feedback and plan to assist in their long-term growth as players. 

Each camp is led and attended by the Program 15 staff. This staff includes Jeremy Booth, Trenidad Hubbard, Benji Gil,  Butch Baccala, Adam Czjakowski and others. Combines are hosted by a regional college program or summer league and will serve as a recruiting showcase opportunity as well.

Combine Structure

Two Days


  • Tools Testing By Position
  • Athletic Strength & Conditioning Testing With Instruction 
  • Defensive Skill Player Development By Position 
  • Pitchers: Arm Care, Long Toss, PFPs, Pitching Fundamentals, Defensive Instruction 
  • Hitting On Field & In Cages With Instruction 


  • Mental Skills (Recruiting Seminar)
  • Game Play 
  • Pitchers Will Face Live Hitters

Mental Skills Training Held On Saturday And Sunday 

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