Future Stars Series - Tournaments

Future Stars Series Tournaments

Future Stars Series Format

The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series is an event series based in player development. Beginning
with scouting and player development combines which double as exposure camps held on college
campuses, this series is focused on both the travel team and the individual player through both one on
one time and team tournament play.

At full implementation, the Future Stars Series series has regional and national tournaments in addition
to regional combines. While there is one Regional Combine per year, there are two regional
tournaments per age group held in regional hubs of Program15's designation. The top 4 teams from
these events qualify for a National event in Houston. The national events have a maximum of 64 teams
in them for maximum exposure and competition. Each National event has a scouting combine and a four
game guarantee, with a championship determined through pool play. The regional events have national
staff attendance for player development consistency and are run in a spring training format. As in MLB
scouting, the country is divided into 16 regions in the US and 3 in Canada. Each US region has a
maximum of 14 travel organizations and 2 at large berth teams. Within these 16 teams there is a
regional director host program.

There is a component of this series that focuses on the individual player. Some players may be selected
for individual events and national teams that will play in international play. This fosters more
competition and exposure as well as player development. While some overlap is inevitable, the events
are and will be structured to not compete with most events your travel team will play.
For exposure, as of this writing 15 College conferences and all 30 MLB teams have asked for our
information. With the 2016 institution of a new quiet period, many programs need reliable information
they can trust on both new recruits and the progress of their existing commits. These combines
accomplish multiple goals for both Major League Baseball and the NCAA programs as they have different
governing bodies but ask for similar information. To aid players and families in this process we have
partnered with the NCSA to give an additional resource for recruiting counseling and exposure.
The Future Stars Series is invite only. It is not open to everyone or every team. If you are reading this, it
is because you are receiving your invitation to join. Our series is designed to comprehensive and drive
each partner program while helping the player. We seek to quiet the noise that exists with amateur
baseball today by providing a unifying voice that benefits the player through consistent feedback and

Our sponsors are among the leaders in Major League Baseball. In addition to New Balance, we have
Oakley, Zinger Bats, All Star Catching Gear and helmets, Franklin batting gloves, and Akadema Fielding
Gloves. All of these companies desire to make a positive impact in the game for both players and their
families. It is through this unified effort we can make a difference and change the game.


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