Collegiate & Professionals Programs

Collegiate & Professionals Programs

College Player Boot Camp

Program 15 recognizes the demands of the college schedule and of being a committed student athlete. This program is created with the goal of maximizing schedules to improve skills, analysis, and strength and conditioning. This option can be selected in the summer or winter months. Each session runs for an intense 4-day period. Players can choose to work within a small group of up to 4 players, or work privately.

We provide hands-on instruction during the boot camp, as well as statistical analysis and video review while players are playing their seasons. Players are responsible for supplying any video and statistics they would like reviewed. Additional details and pricing will be provided during the initial consultation. 

Professional Players

This program is created with the professional player development model to not only physically develop skills and maximize tools, but to help the players understand what is required of them to reach their goals. With the intense demands of a professional season in mind, this is offered between the end of the season and the beginning of spring training. We will also perform statistical and video analysis for all players we assist throughout training and during their seasons if requested. Additional details and pricing will be provided during the initial consultation.

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